Different Cabal And Superstitions In Online Casinos

Are there superstitions or other cabal in online casinos ? To win at online casino games you need three variables to combine: numerical odds, skill, and luck. Over the latter we have no control and that is where superstitions are generated.

They are behaviors, customs, rituals and beliefs that people carry out because they consider that they attract good luck when playing. Or on the contrary, that they avoid, to ward off bad luck.

Kabbalahs can be related to an object, a garment or to following behavior patterns that are successful on one or more occasions until they become a habit.

They can also come from ancient rituals that are passed down from generation to generation among casino players . There are people who believe that some attitudes and behaviors call for favorable results, they are positive thoughts and energies that should not be blocked.

What are the most popular cabal among gambling lovers?

They are innumerable, as many as there are players in the world, because each one can have their own strategies to put luck in their favor. Some of the most traditional:

  • Wearing amulets, such as a rabbit’s foot, a bay sprig in one pocket, and a mistletoe in the other; there are those who believe in the power of metals and minerals, and carry a piece of gold, a quartz stone or a lodestone.
  • The practice of rituals, such as wearing a garment or wearing the color yellow, which attracts good luck; put a lemon under the pillow the day before playing, rub it on the skin and carry it while betting; not sweep the house the day you go to play in a casino, to conserve good energy; or take rue baths to end bad spells.
  • Play with numbers that bring good luck, such as special dates; the number 7 is related to positive energies, just as the number 13 or 666 can be related to bad luck. A popular custom for playing roulette is to pre-write the winning number on a black piece of paper using a yellow pencil, fold it into four parts and keep it in your pocket during the game.

What does luck say about the best day to play at an online casino?

There are also some cabals that have traditionally been related to good or bad luck in games of chance. When the 13th of the month coincides with a Tuesday, some associate it with bad luck. But where does this belief come from?

On the one hand, the Egyptians since ancient times considered Tuesday as a bad omen day, because that day one of the giants, Typhoon , was born who wanted to reach heaven. The Romans also associate the day of the god of war, Mars, with destruction and violence.

As for the bad omens related to the number 13, they come from ancient times in many cultures: 13 people were present at the last supper; Norse legends speak of 13 evil spirits; 13 is the lucky number in the tarot; and chapter 13 of the Apocalypse speaks of the antichrist.

On the other hand, there are people who consider December 31st and January 1st as good luck days, days that mark the end and the beginning of new cycles. Just as there are days in the week when a person feels very lucky and decides that they should visit an online casino because it is their lucky day.

There are days of the year when we feel more fortunate, we get up on the right foot and we firmly believe that it is a good day to try our luck.

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